For those who want to upgrade their existing stock strut based coilover setups.

This is the same strut assembly that is used in the Ultimate Coilover kit, but without the built in shock absorber.
This strut is compatible with all the regular oem Toyota hardware and the usual shock insert type dampers from stock to short stroke, to inverted bilsteins. There is an adjustable position bottom plug in the strut tube that can be used to lock the shock inserts to the top of the strut tube without using additional spacers to different length dampers.

  • compatible with 2.25" coilover springs
  • compatible with any regularly used insert type shock absorbers, including stock or aftermarket Toyota, TRD, Tokico, KYB, Koni, Bilstein etc.
  • adjustable height
  • adjustable stub axle position for easy geometry correction
  • ride height can be reduced without change in suspension geometry up to -60mm and further by damper stroke reduction / winding down the lower spring perch.
  • no need for RCA or NCRCA anymore. with this system you must not use any kind of roll center adjuster.
  • adjustable static camber up to -3° on stub axle mounting, eliminating the need and drawbacks of offset roll center adjuster (NCRCA) to gain static camber and better front traction in drifting.
  • fully machined 42CrMo4 strong/thick stub axle to reduce flexing to minimum
  • reduced overall and unsprung weight over standard coilover builds
  • infinitely adjustable, quick lock wheel bearing adjuster nut
  • fully threaded body for later spring changes
  • *these struts increase scrub radius by 13mm

price: ?

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