This kit was developed to be in favor of racers as well as drifters by giving the first ever fully alloy construction, high steering angle capable track / drift  front suspension linkage, to max out the potential of the ae86 front suspension.
Designed to replace the following oem parts: lower control arm, steering knuckle, steering tie rod including inner axial joint, tension control rod, tension control bracket

  • maximum steering angle is adjustable up to 63° on leading wheel
  • stock Ackermann steering retained for good turn-in and better feedback capabilities
  • all the main link bodies and the steering knuckle are made of aluminum alloy for the lightest possible construction, greatly reduced unsprung weight compared to similar construction steel linkages
  • all bushes replaced with two piece self lubricating maintenance free rodends
  • easy replacement of lca outer balljoint by using EP71 starlet balljoints
  • multiple tension rod mounting points on the lca to give space for the wheel to turn in
  • specially designed lower control arm gives room for the steering knuckle on high steering angle
  • multiple anti roll bar mounting points with rosejointed link
  • steering rack relocation to prevent over center jamming
  • boxed, geometry correct tension control rod brackets


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