These rear links are developed to reduce unsprung weigth of the rear suspension, and eliminate wheelhop / shaking on acceleration and deceleration and also to eliminate lateral flexing / sideways motion of the rear axle.
Lenght adjustablity makes correct rear alignment possible.
Results are: improved traction, better driver feedback of the rear, easier and more predictable behavour

  • Hollow alloy tube construction (no excess weight anywhere)
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum (EN-AW 6082 in T6 condition)
  • Hexagonal tube ends for ease of adjustment.
  • 2 piece motorsport grade heim joints (strongest construction). Self lubricating teflon+kevlar injected sliding surface. (PTFE+Nylon) Zero tolerance fitting.
  • Stainless steel spacers
  • Metric threading for easy replacement of the joints in case of impact damage and joint failure.
  • Weighs only 4,4kg (5 link together with all their hardware)
  • on-car adjustable left and right hand threading
  • Compatible with all oem style suspension mounting points

price: €550 +VAT

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