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Notification for all who wait for their axles to be done and probably pissed because of the delay!

my equal length rwd 3s-gte turbo exhaust header.
note: this is the ct20b turbo variant.

7a-ge spacer plate

this might interest some of you guys.
7A-FE block to 4A-GE oilpan spacer adapter for 7A-GE builds. CAD files for lasercutting / machining or even ready to be used parts availabe from me.

As promised, the ultra light weight rx7 big brake conversion caliper brackets.

For the first time, with brand new hydromechanical calipers, modified for ae86 parking brake cable and also complete, new brake hard lines and BRAIDED flexible lines, all custom made. Greetings Finland and Portugal!specs:
-pajero 1.gen. axles with rebuilt 2-way LSD
-4.222, 4.625 4.875 final drives
-modception axle conversion kit (includes native traction bracket function)
-modception 258mm big brake kit with mechanical parking brake

custom gauge panel/cluster was finished, powdercoated and painted texts and logos. render->reality
back at XTRcc the white 86 getting ready to roll again very soon now. spec changes: engine swap: 4a-ge 20v blacktop -> sr20det balcktop drivetrain: stock propshaft -> one piece propshaft, stock gts lsd axle -> modception heavy duty hybrid lsd axle steering: stock with ps knuckles + manual rack -> modception first generation angle kit @ 65° steering lock.
another pair of modified, low profile adjustable lcas done. guys, take caution when you buy a big brake kit! its not the first time i had to do this because even though this kit is sold as ae86 big brake kit, the grp four kit actually DOES NOT FIT up the 86 with factory lower control arms. the disk intersect the lca outer edge around the balljoint. theres no quick and easy fix to this. if you try to hammer+grind off the edge of the control arm, it will still strike the disk on bump, people also end up with damaged control arms and loose balljoint fixation because of hammering. i used to cut off the whole balljoint area and replace it with a special ring to save space, it fixes the problem, but the disk will still be very close to the balljoint.
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