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Missing foglight bezel

One of my customers recently contacted me with an interesting problem to solve.
This gentleman in his spare time restores hes old project cars.
He came to me with a left side bezel for a foglight, the problem is the right side is missing and is considerd to be an unobtanium nowadays.
He goes for the stock look as close as possible, so no alternative mount or foglight solution is acceptable. What can we do?

See how i made a replacement foglight bezel using 3D scanning and additive manufacturing!

As part of our in-house car builds, another ke70 instrument cluster design was born. This time its for late version dashboard and vdo gauges. the smartphone will be used for gps speedometer and telemetry.

rx8 bodykit #4

and the work just keep on going

rx8 bodykit #3

some more shots of the ongoing work, the bodykit for the rx8.
supporting the extensive suspension modification for high steering angle.

rx8 bodykit #2

because modception...
early peek of the first bodykit part on the design desk, the bumper.
be prepared for the release of the stock copy fiberglass parts for the rx8 in a couple of days! spread the word!

KE70 wagon rear end #4

for easier exhaust pipe location and to avoid contact at droop, i have swapped the orientation of the panhard rod. now its all looking good. start making the prototype next week.

KE70 wagon rear end #3

main parts geometry complete, kinematics work well enough, now its a matter of fiddling and fine tuning.
utilizing the ultimate coilovers, most of the standard modception 5 links.
the panhrad got a tubular mount to preserve the original fuel tank and spare wheel space.
-ke70 wagon 5 link + performance axle + coilover conversion

KE70 wagon rear end #2

4 links and coilover mounts done roughly. now where to put that panhard?....

KE70 wagon rear end #1

it was already due making a conversion kit for the KE70 wagon rear end. lets start! goal: leaf spring -> performace axle with 5 links and coilovers without cutting the floorpan.


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