This kit was developed as the final solution for a reasonably sized big brake upgrade on the ae86.
Largest possible disk and caliper choice that fits in 15" wheels. The kit unlike the regular way, does not include separate bell for the rotor, instead the wheelhub gives native support for the rotor. Less parts involved, less bolts used, alloy wheelhub, lightweight forged caliper,  these come together as a great, over 2kg/side unsprung weigth saving to a stock ae86 hub and brake system.

The kit consist of:

  • Wilwood 298.45x31.75mm discs
  • Wilwood forged Superlite 4 pot calipers
  • Modception caliper brackets, made of 7075-T6 alloy
  • Modception special rotor type hubs (0.9 kg)


  • €1100 /plain disks + basic street, trackday pads (wilwood p.n.:150-9416K)
  • €1150 /drilled disks + basic street, trackday pads (wilwood p.n.:150-9416K)
  • custom pad choice is available from wilwood 7420 series pads
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