DIY - Weld-on reproduction ae86 rar axle bracket kit for swapping in stronger live axles.

Originally developed for using axles from Mitsubish Pajero 1st. generation (L04#G) and 1st. generation Hyundai H100 / Grace. Can be used on other axles as well by minor grinding to fit the shaft tube radius.
Made of strong, lasercut / CNC machined S355 carbon steel, MIG welded.
The lower link brackets have built in traction bracket function to correct suspension geometry for lowered cars.(anti squat + roll understeer reduction) No additional bolt-on traction bracket is needed.
€250 +VAT/set

Installation instructions: When placing the brackets, always measure the center of the axle housing first according to the 2 side edges of the whole housing. mark it up as you prefer. measure the distance of the original barckets from the marked point and usig those refernces, mark up the location of the brackets on the new axle housing! always check the angles in relation to the diff housing mating surface! Always check the clearences btween the two sides of the brackets, they may need some bending by hand for fine tunig. Use the supplied spacer, bolt it inbetween the sides the same way as the suspension link would be. The panhard mount has a strenghtening plate that comes not welded in because the two side of the mount will most likely need some fine tuning to your axle as well, you will have to weld the support in after you done that.
Measure, measure, use a lot of reference points and double check everything before the final welding!

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