Bolt-on ready custom specification AE86 / E7 / P6 rear axle builds on request by Modception.

These axles are developed for high performance N/A or forced induction engines, where the oem AE86 rear axle wolud fail under the higher torque level.
Stock AE86 axles usual failure points: final drive gear damage due to stress and/or overheating, lsd internals and driveshaft damage due to increased torque. There is no real solution using any aftermarket parts for the original axle, the general design is undersized for anything above 200hp and over 14" wheels.
Modception axles can handle any engine you install into your ae86 with any reasonable wheel size. (Limiting factor is the traction you can achieve using the 86 chassis / suspension. With the modception axles, you cannot generate forces high enough to overstress any component in them, before you lose traction on the wheels)
Axles come in 2 different widths:
 -1420mm narrow axle (15mm wider on each side than the 86 axle)
 -1450mm wide axle.
Axles use professionally repaired and rebuilt 2-way clutch pack LSD with 2 different stlye.
 -Option 1: street / track LSD - carbon clutch plates ~60° ramp angle, less noise, safer for high speed driving. Recommended for daily use and for motorsports on tarmac surface.
 -Option 2: drift / rally LSD - steel clutch plates, dedicated pressure plates, 45° ramp angles - more noise during operation, torque transfer is more aggressive, locks up much easier. Recommended for drifting and gravel rally.
Final drive ratios available:
 -4.222 (street use with better fuel economy, drifting with over 250hp engines)
 -4.625 (street use with high power N/A engines, drifting, track racing.)
 -4.875 (rally use)
The axles are geometry corrected for lowered ride heigth at the bottom link brakcets the same way as a traction bracket would work. (anti squat + roll understeer reduction)
Brakes are optional but highly recommended to be done at modception. You can choose to have ae86 caliper brackets or Modception hydra-mechanical big brake kit with 257mm disk. Custom caliper and disk fitting is also possible.
Optionally you can have brake hard lines and braided flexible lines made and installed.
All parts are powdercoated or/and galvanized to prevent rust.
Matching propellershaft rear U-joint sections (used) are supplied along with the axles to aid making your own custom shaft for your engine+transmission combination.

Now available for the P6 Series Toyota Starlet as well!


  • base axle (narrow) with lsd €1800 / $2150
  • wide axle version or using 4.222 final drive in any axle: +€300 / $357
  • ae86 caliper brackets: +€90 / $102
  • Modception hydra-mechanical big brake kit +€600 / $680
  • brake hardlines, alloy T-splitter, braided flexible brake lines installed:+€100 / $125
  • these prices are general guide lines, customization is possible.

 Pricing does not include VAT or shipping costs.

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