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Thursday, 05 March 2015 01:00


First off, excuse me for my lack posts, delay in part builds, dodgy shipping times you might felt and may experience in the close future!
The reason is that im into the biggest project of my life so far. It is something much greater than the ae86 itself ever was for me, im taking it very serious and been working on it non-stop in the past month. This however doesnt mean i will discontinue my parts and builds for your ae86s. It just means, some things will take more time it usually should. You might ask why dont i hire somebody to help. I already put out much work to others, the jobs that remain still so much and is the main base of the general work of modception and nobody can help me with it.
Anyway, please be patient every customer will be served and get the usual quality. You can contact me anytime still.

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