KE70 wagon rear end #3

main parts geometry complete, kinematics work well enough, now its a matter of fiddling and fine tuning.
utilizing the ultimate coilovers, most of the standard modception 5 links.
the panhrad got a tubular mount to preserve the original fuel tank and spare wheel space.
-ke70 wagon 5 link + performance axle + coilover conversion

KE70 wagon rear end #2

4 links and coilover mounts done roughly. now where to put that panhard?....

KE70 wagon rear end #1

it was already due making a conversion kit for the KE70 wagon rear end. lets start! goal: leaf spring -> performace axle with 5 links and coilovers without cutting the floorpan.


3D scanning #5

just a little something for you.

photogrammetry of a stock lsd which i use for my axles after refurbisment.

Pajero L043_G rear lsd by lajoosh on Sketchfab

something new to me:
recently started learning surface modeling. when i learn something it is driven by need usually, as the same in this case.
this is the first part of the rx8 bodykit design: ducktail. Modeled onto the 3d scan of the stock bootlid, made for polystyrene machining. was a good study...

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