from now on, i do custom braided lines as well as brake hard lines for the axle builds. euroquip fittings.

casual rant

I really like the marketing bullshit some companies tell people about drift/race car suspension they sell. like my favourites so far: -"100% eliminated bump steer."

great idea from one of my customers! listen here now!

how would you like a big brake kit from me that actually fits well, does not hit the lca like many other sets out there and would cosnsist of:
-competiton 6 bolt mount rotors with straight vanes and 280mm diameter
-a set of special alloy hubs (no additional adapter bell) natively supporting the rotor
-wilwood dynalite 4pot calipers
-alloy caliper brackets

should i do this guys? do you want it?

angle kit v2

did this just for fun, but turned out to be helpful in checking up the design. front left corner completely assembled with angle kit gen.2. + ultimate coilovers + alloy hubs + parts of the rx7 brake conversion + an inaccurate model of a volk wheel, 15x8.5 et-5, 195/45R15 R888 tires. just some eye candy, hope you like it!

angle kit v2

small update on the angle kit gen.2. project
decision was made in favor of those who dont want to modify their chassis rails to give space for the wheel to turn in.
i have modified some parts in the model in order to give more flexibility. now the kit has track adjustability from oem width to a whopping 70mm extra track on each side. that will give enough room for any 15" wheels and even some 16" inch wheels with low profile tire to gain full lock of 65° without tire to chassis rail contact.
in order to make this 70mm adjustability possible, the kit will also include modified ae101 inner tie rod joints with extra long threading.

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