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Brian Egan
update on the ultimate coilover project: based on feedback of the prototypes and experience with the initial production, i did many tweaks to reduce weigth, make production simpler and faster. some sacrifies had to be done though, native support for the rx7 caliper was dropped in favor of free brake setup changes, better material for the stub axle and weigth saving. instead you will get additional rx7 caliper bracket made of 7075-T6 alloy, which will be a tweaked version of the classic design, backwards compatible with standard struts. all in all, installed, the total weight will be less than with the native bracket made of steel. at the end, the whole unit will look much more refined, much nicer.

Stickers - YAY!

stickeeeeeeers! for those of you guys who have been asking for it. from now on, there will be a sticker included with everything you get from me.
custom gauge panel/cluster was finished, powdercoated and painted texts and logos. render->reality

Initial D Legend 1

avex released a new trailer for the initial d legend 1 movie, cant wait for it! by the way, i kid you not, they probably modeled the whole original suspension for the cgi, (2:04) and thats awesome! i always loved the technical detail animations in the series. geekness level 9000!!

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